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An Incredible Love Story in the Shadows of the Holocaust.

Updated: Apr 25

Once in a great while a book comes along that reveals God's presence through the events that shape our lives. The Vow: A Love Story and the Holocaust is such a book. My book s a true story about my late parents, David and Dora Ruskin, Holocaust survivors from Lithuania. Their lives left a message for humanity which they wanted to share, but was left unspoken....until now. As the last surviving member of my family, I felt it was my responsibility as their son to keep their legacy alive through this book and to deliver a message they wanted to share with humanity. A message we need to remember. Through the strength of our eternal human spirit we can overcome any challenge regardless of how difficult the circumstance, even surviving one of the darkest times in human history...The Holocaust..

You can read more at I welcome your personal thoughts, experiences and comments. Thank you. Michael

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